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If I had COVID, am I protected against reinfection?

The simple answer is NO.

Reinfections are inevitable.  The immediate risk of reinfection is low after an infection.  With the current data, there is a window of three to four months where one is afforded some protection against this.  However, the risk grows after this timeframe. An individual’s specific risk depends on their medical profile, their daily activities, and the environment within which he/she engages.

This risk is also affected by the virus itself in terms of how it mutates to become more transmissible, virulent, and attain the ability to evade current vaccines and therapeutics.

For example, during the delta surge, a previous infection offered about 85% protection against reinfection, Laith Abu-Raddad and his team found. But with omicron that protection dropped to 55%. So, the chance of reinfection was much higher.

Further, Researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar in Doha conducted the study. To estimate protection levels from past infection, they analyzed data on COVID-19 testing, vaccination, infections, hospitalizations, deaths, and patient demographics collected in national databases since the start of the pandemic.

A previous infection was 56 percent effective at preventing reinfection from omicron, compared to 92 percent for delta, 90.2 percent for alpha and 85.7 percent for beta, researchers estimated.

“Such protection against reinfection with the omicron variant was lower (approximately 60 percent) but still considerable,” they said.

Testing remains an important tool to diagnose and guide the care of individuals and to prevent transmissions.

CDC continues to emphasize that healthcare workers, patients, and visitors with even mild symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, to get tested as soon as possible.

At American Testing Solutions, we recommend testing before and after gatherings, travel, and anytime you feel it might be necessary. A good example is an indoor event with unvaccinated children and adults. Based on how the COVID virus behaves, you may also want to test at different times. For instance, if you’re hosting a get together, ATS suggests having everyone get tested the morning of, and potentially right before, the event. Our high-quality rapid results will allow everyone to enjoy themselves and keep all of us safe.

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