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Masks or No Masks????

With the recent deceleration of COVID-19 cases, CDC has modified guidance surrounding Mask utilization.  The new recommendation relies on three variables:

  1. New cases of COVID -19/100K population over the past week
  2. New COVID-19 Hospitalizations/100K population over the past week
  3. Current Beds occupied by COVID-19 patients/hospital capacity

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With this new update and metrics for measuring COVID-19, more than 90% of people in the United States that are living in regions with low to medium threat will have more flexibility with mask usage.

People in high-risk areas need to keep wearing masks and take other precautions in public indoor settings, including schools, the federal agency said.

One important caveat: The CDC says people should also base their mask decision on personal preference and people should still wear a mask if they have COVID symptoms, have been exposed to somebody with COVID, or have tested positive, regardless of where they live.

The federal government still requires masks in airports, on airplanes, and on public transit.

While some people are comfortable taking off their masks, others will continue to wear them for the foreseeable future.  Please respect the choices that people make for themselves.

Testing remains an important tool to diagnose and guide the care of individuals and to prevent transmissions.

At American Testing Solutions, we recommend testing before and after gatherings, travel, and anytime you feel it might be necessary. A good example is an indoor event with unvaccinated children and adults. Based on how the COVID virus behaves, you may also want to test at different times. For instance, if you’re hosting a get together, ATS suggests having everyone get tested the morning of, and potentially right before, the event. Our high-quality rapid results will allow everyone to enjoy themselves and keep all of us safe.

This pandemic has been a long and difficult journey for all of us.  Thank you always for your support!

We are here to help!